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About WFR

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About this website

Walking Frog Records is very excited to offer you a new opportunity to select and purchase Walking Frog Records CDs online. Our new web-site represents an easy-to-use yet comprehensive site that will allow you to discover many exciting and interesting recordings.

What we offer

The Walking Frog Records catalog of CD recordings contains selected CDs by the world's finest concert & wind bands, period music performers, virtuoso brass and woodwind instrumentalists, percussion groups and jazz ensembles. Our CDs are of special interest to band directors, wind and percussion instructors, student musicians, former band musicians or just about anyone who is who is interested in quality recordings of band, wind or percussion music. With this new web-site, we have added hundreds of new sound samples to help you make informed decisions about these recordings. We have also added a DVD & Video section to the web-site.

Established in 1994 as a mail order catalog, Walking Frog Records now offers this website for immediate access to all of the CDs in the printed catalog as well as many that are available exclusively online.

How we chose our name

Just about everyone we talk to asks us how we came up with the name Walking Frog Records. Actually, we chose the name from the title list of the very first CD recording we produced on our label, "The Walking Frog" by K. L. King, appeared on "Heritage Of The March-Vol. 1" by The Washington Winds. Mr. King wrote this wonderful piece as a "clown walk-about" for the Barnum & Bailey's Circus. It was published by C. L. Barnhouse Company, a 125 year old band music publisher located in Oskaloosa, Iowa. C. L. Barnhouse Company owns and operates Walking Frog Records.