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New! The Adventure Begins!
The Adventure Begins!

The Washington Winds, Edward S. Petersen, conductor

This exciting CD contains many fine original compositions as well as wonderful arrangements by a variety of successful composers. The fantastic Washington Winds under the direction of Edward S. Petersen bring this music to life and is a wonderful collection to add to your listening library.

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Sound Samples
The Adventure Begins!   Matt Conaway
The Spirit of the Solitary Defender   Lisa Galvin
Liberty Fleet March   Karl L. King / arr. James Swearingen
Factory Riffs   Matt Conaway
Orpheus Overture   Jacques Offenbach / arr. Larry Neeck
Beyond the Cosmos   David Shaffer
Oh, What Fun!   James Swearingen
A Song of Goodbye   Andrew Glover
Fury Of The Gods   Rob Romeyn
Saxes On The Seas   Matt Conaway
O Come All Ye Faithful   arr. Paul Clark
The Siege of Arundel   Jonathan McBride
Chain Reaction   David Shaffer
Rock The Halls With Drums And Cowbell   Ed Huckeby
Pembroke Castle   Ed Huckeby
Fly-By!   Matt Conaway
In Search of the Lost Ship   James Swearingen
The Trombone King   Karl L. King / arr. Andrew Glover
The Heart of Christmas   Rob Romeyn
Visions of Glory   David Shaffer
Three Irish Folksongs   Anne McGinty

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