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New! Awaken the Greatness
Album For The Young
Awaken the Greatness

The Washington Winds, Edward S. Petersen, conductor

Filled with the outstanding musicianship of the Washington Winds under the direction of Edward S. Petersen, this CD features compositions by many popular writers of young band music and is a wonderful performance model. It is sure to inspire your young players to reach for that next level of great musicianship. Fantastic!

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Sound Samples
Captain Courageous   Rob Romeyn
Tantrum   Matt Conaway
Photo Finish!   James Swearingen
A Hymn Of Remembrance   Todd Phillips
Into the Rapids   David Shaffer
Raptors: Birds of Prey   Larry Neeck
Celebrate the Season   Matt Conaway
Winner's Circle   Jim H. Johnson
As Shadows Fall   Rob Romeyn
Milton, the Melting Snowman   Len Orcino
Volcano!   David Shaffer
Awaken the Greatness   Rob Grice
Hope Everlasting   James Swearingen
Rockin' Nutcracker   arr. Robert W. Smith
Sword of Fire   Rob Romeyn
Somerset   James Swearingen
Robotics   Rob Romeyn
Call Of Duty   Robert W. Smith
Maximum Mallets   David Shaffer
Upon A Midnight Clear   Robert W. Smith
Nature's Fury   Jonathan McBride
Aura Lea   arr. Robert W. Smith
Reign   Robert W. Smith
A Furious Fable   Jared Spears
Nighthawk   James Swearingen
Santa's Angry Elves   Rob Grice
Scottish Lullaby   arr. Robert W. Smith
Epic Battle 3000   Rob Grice
All Aboard!   Matt Conaway

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