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New! Of Time and Change
Of Time and Change

The Washington Winds, Edward S. Petersen, conductor

A delightful collection of outstanding band music by today’s popular composers James Swearingen, Robert W. Smith, Ed Huckeby, David Shaffer, Matt Conaway, Larry Neeck , Anne McGinty, Sarah A. Smith, Jonathan McBride and Rebecca Jarvis. These fantastic recordings by the Washington Winds under the direction of Edward S. Petersen are sure to delight and inspire musicians and music lovers alike.

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Sound Samples
Of Time And Change   James Swearingen
Into The Dragon's Keep   Sarah A. Smith
The American Way   Karl L. King / arr. James Swearingen
The Eternal Optimist   Ed Huckeby
Folk Song Variants   Robert W. Smith
Streets of Laredo   arr. Ed Huckeby
Reindeer Rhumba   David Shaffer
Orion's Last Battle   Jonathan McBride
Royal Regiment   Rebecca Jarvis
Reindeer Galop   Robert W. Smith
Legend of Crystal Lake   David Shaffer
Zeal   Matt Conaway
Holiday Flutecake   David Shaffer
Revenge of the Swarm   Larry Neeck
Flutissimo   Anne McGinty
Excellentia   David Shaffer
Christmas Prism   Robert W. Smith
National Emblem   E. E. Bagley / arr. Matt Conaway

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