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Album for the Young

The Washington Winds, Edward S. Petersen, conductor

An outstanding CD of music for younger musicians by popular writers such as David Shaffer, James Swearingen, Ed Huckeby, Larry Neeck, Howard Rowe, Paul Clark, Rob Grice, Robert W. Smith, Andy Clark, and several others. An excellent performance model for young players. A tremendous teaching tool!

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Sound Samples
Clark County Celebration   Swearingen
Erika's Dream   Huckeby
Repercussions   R. W. Smith
The Nuts and Crackers Sweet   Shaffer
Barnyard Blues   arr. A. Clark
Starwatcher   Huckeby
Santa Rocks The House!   P. Clark
Appalachian Hoedown   S. Watson
Love and Peace: A Father's Wish   Powell
Blues Is My Favorite Color   P. Clark
Mucho Gusto   Neeck
Ain't No Stoppin' Us!   R. W. Smith
Lightly Latin   Rowe
Extreme!   Grice
The Runaway Sleigh   R. W. Smith
Thunderhead   Shaffer
Uncle Buck's Truck   Huckeby
Animoso   Huckeby
Above the World   Grice
Rhythm X   Shaffer
This Old Dude   Neeck
Danza Espanol   Huckeby
A World Holiday Celebration   R. W. Smith

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