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Album for the Young

The Washington Winds, Edward S. Petersen, conductor

Dreamscapes' is a perfect CD for the youngest of musicians. We firmly believe that CD recordings by top professional musicians provide an outstanding role model for aspiring young players. Much in the same manner that observing professional athletes can provide encouragement and enthusiasm to young athletes, young musicians can be inspired by hearing music they perform played to perfection by world class musicians. Dreamscapes is the perfect addition to any young band CD collection!

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Sound Samples
Abington Ridge   Ed Huckeby
American Journey   Dennis O. Eveland
Baritone Boogie   Andy Clark
Barrier Reef   Robert Sheldon
Bill Bailey Just Won't Come Home!   Larry Neeck
Calypso Carnival   Dennis O. Eveland
Ceremony Chant and Ritual   David Shaffer
Crest of Nobility   Robert Sheldon
Dreamscape   Ed Huckeby
The Gandy Dancer   Len Orcino
Kid's Klassix   Ed Huckeby
Los Banditos   Quincy Hilliard
A Magnificent Christmas   Larry Neeck
Parade Of The Bumbling Wooden Soldiers   David Shaffer
Spirit Of The Sphinx   Ed Huckeby
A Salute To Freedom   Andy Clark
Smokey Mountain Rhapsody   Ed Huckeby
Snow Day   Len Orcino
Under An Irish Sky   Larry Neeck
When The Rhinos Do The Rhumba In The Rain   Len Orcino
Chant and Tribal Dance   David Shaffer
Patriots On Parade   Ken Harris
Dance of the Jester   Tom Molter

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