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Leonard B. Smith, Cornet

Historical archival collection of recordings by this famed trumpet virtuoso. Starting in 1936 when he became the featured soloist with the famed Goldman Band in New York City, thru the war years when he was the cornet soloist with the US Navy Band and into the 1980's when he was soloist with his own famous Detroit Concert Band, Leonard B. Smith was America's most famous cornet soloist. These recordings trace Smith's soloist career from the very beginning up until his very last recorded performance. A "must" CD for all serious cornet and trumpet teachers and students!

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Sound Samples
My Heaven of Love   Edwin Franko Goldwin
Ecstasy   Leonard Smith
The Harp of Tara   Walter Rogers
Napoli   Herman Bellstedt
O Don Fatale   Verdi
Spanish Caprice   Leonard Smith
Sounds From The Hudson   Herbert Clarke
Finale from Haydn Concerto   Haydn
Stars in a Velvety Sky   Herbert Clarke
Carnival of Venice   Staigers
Willow Echoes   Frank Simon
La Mandolinata   Hermann Bellstedt
Tally Ho   Antonio Barsotti
Zelda   Percy Code
Venture   Leonard Smith
Carnival of Venice   Herbert Clarke
Concert Etude   Alexandre Goedicke
Post Horn Galop   Bellstedt
The Bugler   Goldman
My Heaven of Love   Goldman