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The Washington Winds, Edward S. Petersen, conductor

Incomparable recordings of 25 all-time circus favorites performed to absolute perfection by the exceptional Washington Winds. The arrival of the greatest show on earth to town was always the highlight of every child's year. These recordings will help you feel like you're back "under the big top".

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Sound Samples
Entry of the Gladiators   Julius Fucik
Invictus   K.L. King
Trombone Blues   Fred Jewell
Circus Bee   Henry Fillmore
From Tropic To Tropic   Russell Alexander
The Walking Frog   King arr. Foster
Melody Shop   King arr. Glover
The Screamer   Fred Jewell
Storming of El Caney   Alexander arr. Glover
Crimson Petal Waltz   Fred Jewell
Robinson's Grand Entree   King arr. Schissel
The Big Cage Galop   K.L. King
George Washington's Birthday Party   C.L. Barnhouse
Battle Royal   Fred Jewell
Raggy Trombone   W.H. Kiefer
Royal Decree March   W.P. English
Symphonia   Merle Evans
Go Galop   Fred Jewell
Circus Days   King arr. Schissel
Lassus Trombone   Fillmore arr. Schissel
Kentucky Sunrise   King arr. Foster
Broadway One-Step   King arr. Paynter
The Trombone King   King arr. Paynter
Quality Plus March   Jewell arr. Longfield
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite   King arr. Bainum

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