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Merle Evans

A Two CD Anthology of Circus Music

The New England Conservatory Circus Band, Conducted by Merle Evans

A remarkable 2 CD anthology containing 43 circus music gems as recorded by the New England Conservatory Circus Band featuring Harvey Phillips. Originally recorded in 1970 and released on LP records, the sensational band is conducted on these recording by Merle Evans himself. Includes an informative 16 page booklet with information about the music and performers. This outstanding 2 CD set has been produced through the cooperation of the New England Conservatory, the Windjammers Unlimited and Walking Frog Records. A must hear for all circus music enthusiasts!

Price: $19.95
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Sound Samples
Circus King   C. E. Duble
Woody Van's March   K.L. King
Trombonium   B.Withrow
March To Mecca   Fred Jewell
Neel's Fashion Plate   W.P. English
Thunderbolt Galop   Fred Huffer
Olevine March   H.A. Vandercook
Caravan Club   K.L. King
Among The Roses   C.L. Barnhouse
High and Mighty   Fred Jewell
Burr's Triumphal March   Russell Alexander
Transcontinental March   H.R. Hughes
Smearin Trombone #2   J.B. Farshee
Sells-Floto Triumphal   K.L. King
Band Contest   Arthur Pryor
Honey Boys On Parade   E.V. Cupero
Fire Jump Galop   Merle Evans
Forrest City Commandery   K.L. King
Rival Rovers   Russell Alexander
Hot Trombone   Henry Fillmore
Prince Imperial   C. Sanglear
Palm Garden Rag   Fred Huffer
Belford's Carnival March   Russell Alexander
New Madison Square Garden   K.L. King
Wizard of the West   C.E. Duble
Espana Waltz   E. Waldteufel
Huntress March   K.L. King
Steeplechase Galop   Russell Alexander
Idaho March   C.L. Barnhouse
Ham Trombone   Henry Fillmore
Battle of the Winds   C.E. Duble
Daddy's Delight   F.H. Losey
Baltimore's Boast March   Russell Alexander
Battle of Shiloh   C.L. Barnhouse
Clownette   H.F. Alford
Radio Waves   Fred Jewell
Rose Ballet Dance Galop   W.P. Chambers
Battle Royal   Fred Jewell
Sliding Jim   F.H. Losey
Supreme Triumph   Fred Jewell
Slim Trombone   Henry Fillmore
Crimson Flash   Russell Alexander

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